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Your generous contributions will help preserve the structure, architecture and beauty of the church building and upgrade the facilities for all church and community users

For 114 years St Martin’s Church has stood as a focal point of the suburb of Roath. Initially it was an Anglican parish church ministering to a rapidly developing and congested area of closely built terraces. It is now at the centre of an exciting multi-cultural and diverse population from every part of the world, including a large student population from the Welsh capital's universities.

The present building was opened in 1906. It was rebuilt in 1956 after calamitous war damage destroyed the main structure and roof. As with all historic buildings, it requires regular maintenance and repair, to continue to be a vital service to the whole community.

From its beginnings St Martin’s has attracted a reputation far beyond its local parish boundaries for the excellence of its liturgy and its music, rivalling many other choral establishments. Each year the regular choir is enhanced by the addition of students who contribute to the church’s unique place in the Anglican choral tradition. The world renowned organ, essential for the high standard of music in services and concerts, is threatened by the deteriorating structure that once protected it. It is vital that the organ loft ceiling and adjacent wall be replaced to prevent serious and potentially catastrophic damage to this historic musical instrument.

St Martins Church is at the heart of many activities, secular as well as religious. Its huge interior space makes it ideal as a venue for large gatherings, concerts and meetings as well as the regular worship of the church. The new vestry is a popular venue for smaller local groups who regularly meet there.

However, the use of the building is restricted by the facilities we are currently able to provide. Modern use requires better, accessible kitchen and toilet facilities, at present only available along an outside path.


St Martin’s continues to serve the community but now requires assistance with funding to maintain and update its structure and facilities. Our goal is to enhance what we offer the local community and parishioners, their families, friends and neighbours, so that we may confidently move forward for the benefit of all.

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